NorthWest Families: Finding childcare, tummy time for babies, moms need a break



Posted on September 16, 2009 at 1:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 24 at 11:50 AM


When was the last time you treated yourself to a little pampering? For many women, it's been a while.? We put ourselves on the back burner to take care of the rest of the family.? And with money tight in this tough economy indulgence isn't even on the radar.? A new says 59 percent of women are cutting back on Girls Night Out.? And 32 percent of those surveyed found they have less free time for themselves than they did a year ago.? Well you don't have to break the bank to show yourself a good time.?

We have a few suggestions for you:

*Try tuning out for a little while.? Turn off the phone, the computer and the TV.? Just enjoy the silence.? Of course you can't do that with the kids around but try to fit some quiet time into your day.

*Treat yourself to small treats like a dessert, flowers, maybe an at-home facial.

*Laughter is an instant vacation - read something funny or rent a comedy on DVD.

*Finally, do something that brings you joy: baking, knitting or nothing at all.?

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Here's something to put on your to-do list.? September is Disaster Preparedness Month and The Red Cross wants families to create a survival .

Talk to your kids about where to meet if disaster strikes.? Pack a plastic container with important documents and nonperishable food.? Check out some other to help you prepare.?


Think your child is safe and snug in a car seat?? Turns out 3 out of every 4 car seats aren't properly installed, putting many children at risk.? This is National Child Passenger Safety Week. Thousands of free inspection stations will be set up across the country, where trained technicians can make sure your child's car seat is properly installed.? to find one near you.?


Babies need lots of tummy time.? It helps them develop their muscles.? But these days there are so many gadgets like baby carriers, bouncy seats and swings.? Babies are getting strapped in and left to sit for long periods of time preventing them from using those muscles.? That can cause something called and it could delay crawling, walking or sitting up. Limit your baby's time in these devices to three hours a day or less.?


It happens to many of us at some point: The mad scramble to find childcare.

Now, if you live in Washington state you can get help from the comfort of your computer. The state's is now matching parents with local and licensed child care providers online statewide.