Food fight may cancel prom


by By KING 5 News Staff

Posted on August 15, 2009 at 1:44 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 25 at 4:04 PM

Video: High-school food fight may cancel prom

MILL CREEK, Wash. - Fourteen students are under emergency expulsion after a huge food fight at Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek Thursday.

The fight happened during first lunch, around 10:30 a.m.

"It's been planned for probably a week and a half. It's just been circulating through school," said student Caleb Watson.

Administrators had talked to students who they heard were planning it. They had even lined up around the cafeteria, hoping to discourage the mischief.

All it took was two words from Watson.

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"And I said 'food fight' and I acted like I threw something and then it just got silent. Everyone looked over and then, like 10 seconds later ..."

"And then it was silent for ten seconds, and then all of a sudden everyone just started throwing food," said senior Luuvan Hoang.

An airborne smorgasbord was dished up for about 5 minutes.

"Everything they served there, you probably saw in the air at some point," said student Mark Izzard.

"They were all around trying to stop people and recognize people that were throwing food," said Hoang about administrators and teachers.

Some kids got caught in the crossfire.

"And we ducked under the table. Everybody's under the tables and the tables are running out and I got potatoes all in my hair," said student Katie Larouche.

"An administrator saw me hurl a burrito into a crowd of people," said Cody Popham, one of the expelled students. "So yeah, wasn't the smartest move."

When it was all over, administrators had pulled aside 14 kids and put them on emergency expulsion.

"An administrator saw me hurl a burrito into a crowd of people," said Cody Popham, one of the expelled students.

Popham and the others can't return to school until their parents meet with administrators.

As a broader punishment, the school may cancel the prom. A decision on that isn't expected until next week.

"Oh, God. That's a joke to me," said Izzard.

"Canceling prom. That would be a joke," said Watson.

It's the price they may have to pay for their legendary lunch.

"You only hear about food fights and you never actually see one, and this one was pretty epic," said Popham.

Nobody was hurt.

We spoke with several parents about the food fight, and all say while the students do deserve punishment for their actions, suspending senior prom goes too far, especially since no one was hurt, and, according to the students at least, this was not a senior-driven prank.

KING 5's Rob Piercy and Owen Lei contributed to this report.