Vancouver school cracks down on 'dirty dancing' teens



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 1:36 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 25 at 1:34 PM

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The principal at Clark County's Prairie High School is cracking down on 'dirty dancing' at school functions.

Video: High school principal bans dirty dancing

Principal Jason Perrins said sexually explicit dance moves cause students and faculty to feel uncomfortable.

"We have a responsibility to make sure that all students when they come to a school activity feel safe," Perrins said."And when you have sexually-explicit behavior and possible groping and inappropriate touching that's not safe."

Battle Ground School District Communications Director Gregg Herrington said when students feel pressured to take part in the sexually explicit dance moves, it can become dangerous.

"It's discourteous at a minimum and it's sexual harassment at a maximum," he said.

So Perrins decided to take a stand.He cancelled one winter dance andnow wants students to attend a student-organized orientation on appropriate dance behavior.

He also wants students to sign a contract, to be written by school leaders, before attending future dances.

Students had mixed feelings about the idea.

Madeleine Bergeron, a sophomore at Prairie High, said her friends have felt violated at school dances before.She said she's in favor of the crackdown.

"I thought that was really good because personally I don't like to see it and I don't think anyone else does either," Bergeron said.

Other students said they will not sign the contract or attend future dances if they are made to change their dance styles.

"I don't think we should all get punished for it because not all us dance that way," senior Stephanie Lusher said. "They're trying to tell us how to dance and I don't think that's right."