Woman faces charges for stealing dog




Posted on August 15, 2009 at 1:33 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 24 at 4:36 PM

Video: Woman faces charges for stealing dog

MORTON, Wash. - Gordy the yellow Labrador is still missing, but his owners and police think they found the woman who stole him.

On Saturday, police arrested a Burien woman on a possession of stolen property charge. Investigators believe she played a role in the disappearance of a Morton family's pet.

After Gordy disappeared May 10, his owners posted information about his on Craigslist.

The owners, Ryan and Madeline Dantinne, said a woman called to say she had found a dog in Morton matching the description. The caller said the dog had been shot twice. She claimed her husband took the dog to a veterinarian in Kent, who euthanized the animal. The woman said she did not know where the dog was.

The family apparently tried to contact veterinarians in Kent, but they could not find any who had worked on Gordy or knew about his whereabouts.

"She probably thought I'd just give up and not find him," said Gordy's owner Madeline Dantinne.

Using the caller's cell phone number, the Dantinnes were able to find out where the woman lived. Neighbors in the area said that they had seen a dog matching Gordy's appearance.

They also found Internet postings suggesting the caller had found and sold dogs in the past.

The King County Sheriff's office arrested the woman Saturday after she gave them several explanations about why she called the Morton family.

"Worst case, we don't get him back," said owner Ryan Dantinne, "But she don't steal anyone else's dogs."

It is not clear where Gordy is now.

"I want my dog back," said Madeline Dantinne.