Murder-for-hire plot caught on tape


by By ELISA HAHN / KING 5 News

Posted on August 15, 2009 at 1:36 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 24 at 12:56 PM

Video: KING 5 exclusive: Murder-for-hire caught on tape

SEATTLE - An Auburn woman caught in a bitter custody dispute is caught on tape trying to hire someone to kill her ex-husband and his family.

KING 5 has obtained exclusive video of the suspect, Elizabeth Beimer, hiring a hit man, who is really an undercover detective.

Police say Beimer, 28, was enraged over a custody battle of her six-year-old daughter with her ex-husband. She asked a friend to help find a hit man, but instead, that friend went to the police.

Hidden camera video shows Beimer entering a motel room to talk to an undercover detective. She thinks he's a hit man.

Undercover detective: Are there guns in the house?

Beimer: Yes, there are, but they're all kept in the closet and not loaded.

Beimer is accused of plotting to kill her ex-husband, his new wife and his parents at their home. The price police say she was willing to pay was $500.

Beimer: This is something nobody ever expects out of me. This is Beth Goody-two-shoes who does nothing wrong. (laughs)

The stage was set to nab Beimer at an Auburn motel room back in October after police learned she was planning the murders.

"She contacted a friend who she wanted to help her find somebody to kill the family and so eventually, he came forward to us and was concerned she was going to have these threats carried out," said Sgt. Scott Near, Auburn Police.

Undercover detective: Bludgeon them with a crow bar, baseball bat

Beimer: I don't care.

Undercover detective: and then disappear. I'm out.

Beimer: That's fine.

Undercover detective: There's nothing you want out of the house.

Beimer: Nothing I do want. Ain't got anything worth anything to me.

Beimer brought photos of her ex and his family.

Beimer: Now he's a quick runner. He's the quickest out of all of them.

She drew a layout of their house and even brought a piece of rebar as a possible weapon.

Undercover detective: To make it personal, I can use the rebar.

Beimer: Go for it. Just wipe it down and don't leave it there.

When she left, police moved in and made the arrest.

Beimer's attorney could not be reached for comment Thursday. Beimer's ex-husband and his family did not return calls by KING 5 News.