Prom will go on after food fight


by Staff

Posted on August 15, 2009 at 1:36 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 24 at 12:37 PM

Video: RAW: Jackson HS food fight

MILL CREEK, Wash. - The prom will go on at Henry M. Jackson High School after a huge, five minute food fight that ended with 14 students being suspended.

Principal Terry Cheshire made the announcement to students Friday morning while, at the same time, voicing his disappointment about what happened.

"The reason for my disappointment is I am incredibly proud of this school and of our staff and students, and I was shocked to see students behaving in ways that I would never thought to be possible," said Cheshire.

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"Yesterday's food fight and the media coverage that accompanied it have unfortunately overshadowed all of the achievements many of you have accomplished," he added.

Fourteen students were immediately placed on what is called " emergency expulsion." Those students will not be allowed to return until their parents meet with administrators.

The school also said next week's prom would be suspended and possibly canceled, a decision that many students and parents said was an overreaction.

"Canceling prom. That would be a joke," said student Caleb Watson, who said he was the one who yelled "food fight."

"Oh, God. That's a joke to me," said student Mark Izzard.

Cheshire said administrators and student officers met late Thursday to discuss what happened.

"It was clear in these discussions that punishing the entire school for the actions of a few students is not an appropriate response. For this reason I am lifting the suspension I placed on prom and other extracurricular activities. Instead we will deal with individual students," said Cheshire.

Cheshire also suggested that, to improve the school's image, the school hold a food drive for families in the community who may have been shocked to see all the wasted food being thrown.